Mom’s Sunday Gravy

Click on this link to see the recipe —–> It’s NOT called Tomato Sauce, It’s GRAVY!

Any person of Italian descent, or anyone who even KNOWS someone of Italian descent, knows about Sunday Gravy. It has served as the foundation for Sunday afternoon dinners for generations. Oh, how I remember those 4-hour meals… the fresh bread from Zarillo’s bakery, grandpa’s wine, the big pot of Mom’s gravy that made everything so special… the meatballs, sausage, bracciole,  and of course the macaroni.

On Sunday mornings, the wonderful aroma of the simmering gravy and the frying meatballs wafted through the air. 

If we were stealthy enough, we’d tear off a chunk of bread while mom wasn’t looking and do a quick dip-and-run before we headed out to church. Once in a while, we’d even be able to pilfer a fried meatball before it went into the pot. 

Every time I make gravy I think of mom. She was a magician in the kitchen. Anyway, please give this a try.

I hope you enjoy!