Being a “real” writer is hard work! It’s one of those things that looks easy (I’ve often said after reading a novel, “I could’ve written this book”), but when you actually roll up the sleeves and try to put something together you find that it’s work! So I guess I’m a hobbyist.

After taking a few attempts at going the “traditional” publishing route, I’m going to stick with self publishing for now. Never had any delusions about making money with my writing, I just want to have it seen by as many people as possible.

Almost impossible to get published without an agent, and it’s REALLY hard to get an agent if you’re not published. Agents get hundreds of submissions from first-timers AND published authors, so it’s tough to break through.

There are, of course, “vanity” publishers who’ll print your book for a steep fee. But I’m not that concerned about having printed copies I can hand out. Maybe at some point I’ll go that route.