Coming Back – A Novel (published January ’22)

Finally self-published this as an ebook after multiple failed attempts at landing an agent. Originally, I’d intended the story to be a comedy! The idea of Jesus coming back to earth and losing his memory (forgetting who he is) struck me as fertile ground for some humor.

But when I began writing about Ted (the poor guy who loses his faith when tragedy strikes), the story changed. It became all about comebacks. Ted loses his faith, and an evil force overcomes a group of pastors. The clandestine cabal behind this attack on Christianity hatches a plan to disrupt nascent worldwide peace and prosperity. Christ returns in an unexpected way, and when the bad guys try to kill him he suffers injuries that cause him to temporarily lose his memory. Ultimately, through his intervention and the work of a group of devout believers, the “lost sheep” all find their way back and the evil conspiracy is thwarted.

It became clear to me that the story of the Christian faith is replete with examples of people straying and coming back, and that was the ultimate inspiration for this book.