Writer vs. Author

Yeah, that would be a good battle… wait, that’s not what this post is about. It’s about the difference between the two. I belong to a few FB writers’ groups, and I see lots of people stressing out over how to get picked up by an agent and ultimately published. It’s a shame how discouraged some people get- even some who say they’re giving up because they can’t get published.

Well, if you’re a writer, you HAVE to write. That’s what a writer does. That’s where the name comes from. An AUTHOR, on the other hand, is a writer who’s been published and has made some $ from the work.

I have no delusions about making money from my writing. To me, it’s an enjoyable, stress-free hobby. Sure, I share stuff with family and friends, and I self-published a bunch of FREE stuff. It’s gratifying and somewhat liberating- I don’t worry about struggling to find an agent.

Only a little over 1,000 people have downloaded my stuff… That’s good enough for me.

Do you aspire to be the next Stephen King or James Patterson and crank out million sellers, or do you just want to WRITE? If it’s the former, good luck. It takes a lot of work, perseverance, the right product at the right time, and of course some good fortune. If it’s the latter, well, just write!