Virus Update: Zombie Apocalypse

Day 8 of Zombie Apocalypse. Virus has caused rapid mutation in animals. I saw a carnivorous parakeet the size of a Winnebago carry off a great dane. Australia being plagued by blood-thirsty koalas who’ve consumed 50% of the country’s kangaroos. Wife is constantly singing “helter skelter”, and I swear I see footprints on the ceiling. […]

Virus Update: Early Reaction

Day 6 of the Zombie  Apocalypse. Internet is down. No electricity or water. Food supplies down to a couple of frozen pop tarts and a quart of Lemoncello. Running low on ammo. Rumors of cannibalism in the area. Hidden the knives because wife is looking at me strangely. Used up my house’s emergency battery backup […]