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The Invisible Immigrant (Paolo and Me –  A Grandson’s Tale)
 A novel; the story of an Italian Immigrant whose life takes a sad and tragic turn that makes him disappear. A semi-factual story about the grandfather I never met.

 Jimmy’s Stand

A brief business primer for adult children.
A must read for anyone who has gone through or will be going through the aftermath of a company takeover.
Furry Tales Volume IV
A compilation of short stories; some religious themes and some silly humor that includes a “film noir” version of the Last Supper.


Sam Hill
A short story about a man losing his mind in a peculiar way as his obsession with old Western movies pulls him into an increasingly real dream world.

 The One
A short story from the Furry Tales collection, about a wanderer’s search for a place he’s been dreaming about and a person he’s destined to meet.