Virus Update From Recon Force

To: Supreme High Exalted Ruler From: Commander Fremlin Bleeg, Planet Earth Reconnaissance Force Date: 56.72.986.47-32-48-Hike Your Most Exalted Obnoxiousness: Here is a brief recap of recent observations from our advance scouts. A more formal report will be forthcoming, consistent with established protocol, within the next 24 bleems. These earthlings are the strangest creatures we’ve encountered […]

Mom’s Sunday Gravy

Click on this link to see the recipe —–> It’s NOT called Tomato Sauce, It’s GRAVY! Any person of Italian descent, or anyone who even KNOWS someone of Italian descent, knows about Sunday Gravy. It has served as the foundation for Sunday afternoon dinners for generations. Oh, how I remember those 4-hour meals… the fresh […]

Virus Update: Zombie Apocalypse

Day 8 of Zombie Apocalypse. Virus has caused rapid mutation in animals. I saw a carnivorous parakeet the size of a Winnebago carry off a great dane. Australia being plagued by blood-thirsty koalas who’ve consumed 50% of the country’s kangaroos. Wife is constantly singing “helter skelter”, and I swear I see footprints on the ceiling. […]

Virus Update: Early Reaction

Day 6 of the Zombie  Apocalypse. Internet is down. No electricity or water. Food supplies down to a couple of frozen pop tarts and a quart of Lemoncello. Running low on ammo. Rumors of cannibalism in the area. Hidden the knives because wife is looking at me strangely. Used up my house’s emergency battery backup […]